Mauke - the most easterly of the Cook Islands  is about 45 minutes flying time from the capital island, Rarotonga - but a world away in terms of lifestyle.   There are few tourists...I was the only one on the island when I visited.   Everyone has time to stop and chat or at the very least give you a friendly wave, and the islanders are justly proud of a beautiful home.  Some call it the garden of the Cook Islands.   I would simply say...Mauke is magical
Eagerly awaiting the flight from Rarotonga
The welcome is the warmest I've ever received at an airport.  
Expect to be mobbed by children, keen to try their hand with your digital camera!

Pigs, chickens and goats are everywhere.  And in the half light before dawn, even the persistent pounding of the ocean is drowned by a cacophony of cockerels telling you it's time to get up and discover more of Mauke.
Inquisitive goat
The Divided Church
Churches are many and various. The Seventh Day Adventist Church (above left) was built with funding help from a UK couple. But by far the most unusual is the "Divided Church"(centre) 
Find out why it's called that and explore it further

Rugged coastline
The coastline is rugged...razor sharp fossilised coral called makatea forms a ring around the island.   It's fascinating and awe inspiring to walk round....but make sure you have rugged shoes
Very free range
Give Way
Roman Catholic Church
Maukean children
Floral welcome
7th Day Adventist Church
Mauke main road
 I counted four signs like this.  With only 17 motor vehicles and the occasional moped, walking's a pleasure. 
The roads are made of crushed coral, and with no street lights that also makes them easier to see at night.

GIVE WAY! (to what?)
Surrounded by fossilied coral
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Personal Impressions
Mauke mamas celebrating
Maukeans love life and know how to celebrate it.  Discover Mauke through the eyes of an islander
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Rugged Maukean coastline
Deep underground caves and lakes honeycomb the island. Vai Tango (above) is the most easily accessible with refreshingly cool subterranean waters. It's a five minute walk through a forested glade and recently added steps and railings make it simple to get to. Locals often swim here on Sundays after church. Motuanga in the south east is the largest and this 'Cave of 100 Rooms' stretches all the way through the makatea to the coast.  Limestone growth has made all but three rooms inaccessible. And it's essential to get a guide to take you into this one   Photos: Cook Islands Tourism
Vai Tango cave, Mauke
Vai Tango cool waters