(New Zealand Parliament)

Whereas the several islets comprising the atoll known as the Island of Palmerston are Crown land within the meaning of the principal Act: And whereas the Native inhabitants of the island are descendants of William Marsters who had settled there in the year 1862 when the island was uninhabited: And whereas the last renewal of the licence of that island granted by the Crown to the said William Marsters expired on the 31st day of December 1953 and the licence was not renewed, and it is expedient that the island be vested in the descendants of the said William Marsters as customary land: Be it therefore enacted as follows:

Notwithstanding anything in the principal Act, the land comprising the Island of Palmerston (excepting an area of 10 acres, including the site of the radio station and its ancillary buildings, the site of the water supply tanks and equipment, and the site of the schoolhouse, to be retained for administration purposes on the main islet and to be hereafter defined by [the Land Court]) is hereby vested in the Native inhabitants of the Island of Palmerston, and is hereby declared to be customary land within the meaning of the principal Act, to be held by the Native inhabitants of that island and their descendants according to their Native customs and usages