How to put pages from this site in your own space on Facebook and a host of other sites

You can add pages from this site to your own pages on sites such as 'Facebook' just by clicking on the "Share" icon.   Or you can use the icon to add that page as a favourite or bookmark in your web browser.  Or both! 

When you move your mouse pointer over the icon, it opens a small window and you can choose which service you want to link to.   It means you can save the page for future reference (bookmark it) or share it with people who have similar interests through your own webspace.  If your favourite networking site isn't shown in the small window, click on "more" to see a full list of sites you can use with this service. 

All of the sites you can link to are free, but you have to register with them first.  Once you've registered, you can use them time and again.

There's no need to ask me first if you want to add a page to social networking sites or non-commercial sites.  You are also very welcome to include a link to this site or any of its pages on  your site.  However, adding pages to commercial websites does require written permission and any breach of copyright will be treated very seriously (see copyright notice).

You can find out more about social bookmarking on Wikipedia