How to visit the Islands NOW with
Google Earth is an amazing, free program which allows you to take a virtual tour of anywhere on the planet.   And uniquely on this site, you can harness the power of that program to explore some of the Cook Islands for yourself now!   This page tells you how.
What you need
Setting aside the obvious like a computer with a graphics card(!!!), the only thing you need is a free program from Google called Google Earth.  The file is 13MB in size.

To find out more about the program, click here.  To go straight to the download site on Google, click here

How to use Google Earth on this site
Once you've installed the program, all you have to do is look out for this globe shaped icon on the page you're reading

Click on the icon to begin a virtual visit to that island.   Google Earth will launch itself (you may be asked to confirm this).  What you are clicking on is a special file I've created which takes you straight to the island.    I've also marked out some of the features of the island.   If you click on the marker, you'll get some more information about that feature.  You can also zoom in and out and "tour" the island.  Photos linked to the markers will be added soon too.

Depending on your browser, you may be asked to download the file I've created to make it work.  It's called a 'kmz file and it's perfectly safe.   I've taken all reasonable steps to make sure it is and there's nothing to compromise your computer or security.  The technically minded can find out more about .kmz files - by clicking here

Add your own features and share them with the world
If you've been to that island, live there, or have family and friends who live there...why not add your own marker pins?   Send me the file and I'll share it with other visitors, so they too can see places that are special to you.

Try it out for yourself now ("here's one I made earlier")
More Help?
If you need more help, please go to the excellent Google Earth user guide or the community forums.   I'm sorry, but I can't provide technical support.

Virtual visit to Mauke with
Click the globe icon for a virtual visit to Mauke now!
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